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– Dr Ivan Sini

  • Can I have tummy tuck during Caesarean Section delivery?

    @dr.priscilla : Although possible, this procedure is not recommended due to the natural tissue stretch that will resulted in suboptimal outcome besides increased risks of complications.

  • I want to have a boy/girl for the next pregnancy

    @dr.nando : Preimplantaion Genetic Screening technology in IVF allows the most accurate gender selection. Less advanced modality provides less accurate prediction and lack of scientific support.

  • Why doctors could not find the reasons for our infertility problem?

    @dr.irham : 10% of all couples suffer from unexplained infertility. 70% of pathology may need laparoscopy to reveal undiagnosed pelvic pathology such as endometriosis or chronic infection.

  • I have fibroid/myoma, should I remove it?

    @dr.ivan : 1 in 4 asian women may have fibroid. Without any symptoms and size less then 5cm fibroid should not be worried. When women who have completed their fertility, women who suffer from bleeding disorder may consider laparoscopic hysterectomy.

  • I am 40 and I am pregnant. Should I be worried?

    @dr.reino : Risk of chromosomal abnormality and miscarriage is increased. Ultrasound of nuchal fold with triple test and Non Invasive Pregnancy Test (NIPT) will give you highly predictive risk assessment.

  • I am young and I have lump on my breast

    @dr.pamela : Breast ultrasound scan may reveal simple cyst or benign growth. However should there be a concern, then mammogram is indicated to exclude malignancy.

  • I am scared to have pain in labour

    @dr.nando : Option of pain relieve is available from as simple as breathing technique, lower back massage, shower and including medical therapy such as intramuscular opioid injections and spinal/epidural.

  • Can I have minimal invasive surgery for ovarian cyst or ectopic pregnancy?

    @dr.ivan : Most effective surgical option for ovarian cyst and ectopic pregnancy is laparoscopy (key-hole) surgery. It helps complete visualization and direct access with minimal scar hence provide rapid recovery and less pain.